Kenith Smith (AKA 'Sonic the Hedgehog) is sad, lonely person who thought he would get away with almost
Sonic the Hedgehog in Liquid Rainbow

The guilty party, whos real name is Kenith.

stealing Blonic's persona. However, he did not get away with it because the massive Blonic fanbase had spotted him. Blonic said in an interview: "He's unoriginal!".

Early Life

Sonic was raised by his parents, Hegey and Pricklebum. In his early-20s he joined the RAF and began a life of excitement, until he shot down a plane carrying injured orphan hedgehogs and was disbanded.

After that, he found his ability to run very fast. He was known as 'Boom' by his fellow colleagues. Eventually he got a minor place in the Commonwealth Games where he came 1st in a race. During the late 90s he even got his own show, 'Boom the Runner'.

Late Life and Suicide

In 2005, his show was put on a hiatus and eventually decommissioned. He turned to alcohol, and in 2007 was declared 'a total reck' by his smallish-former fanbase. He snapped out of it in 2008 and tried to get back in TV and then sport. In 2012, Kenith saw BLONIC and BLONIC 2, and decided that Sonic (which rhythms with and sounds almost exactly like Blonic) should be his name, because of it's relevance to running.

On May 6th he killed himself, due to being scorned by the media and being put into utter exile by everyone. An even smaller-former fanbase said they wanted a national commiseration day, but Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom said "Nah..." in an interview with the press. The fan-base eventually agreed with him.


  • 'Sonic' sounds almost exactly like 'Blonic'.
  • He also was going to hire a sidekick for his new show called 'Tails' (an obvious rip-off of 'Blails').

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