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Ukinojoe as seen in his genuine video "Toothbrush in my mouth".

His most greatest creation, as well as a similar idea.

Jonathan "Chunkus O'Suck" Gran (better known as Ukinojoe) is the genius behind the Blonic series ; he has also helped make other great characters such as Homber Sweatson and Barm, Frumplequest, and Bowja from his cashle. It is safe to assume that he is a genius. ==The Blonic Series== Ukinojoe released his first Blonic video on December 3rd 2011, it was one of his most successful videos. In fact, he made a sequel , which is considered one of the deepest videos he's ever made. It is very possible that a Blonic 3 is in the works.

Other Amazing Videos

Ukinojoe has also made BARM, which could count as a spinoff to the Blonic idea. He has also made BOWJA FROM HIS CASHLE, another similar idea but in a different style of animation - also brilliant, as well as the series "Frumplequest the Conquestador" which current status is unknown.