"We've gotta fight Dr. Eggman! Let's go round up the troops!"
Blonic, in BLONIC 2
Dr Eggman is the archnemesis of Blonic and Bluckles, and supposedly Blails.
Ukinojoe robotnik

This is Dr. Eggman drawn by Ukinojoe on one of his live streams.

Traits and Backstory

We know he is a jerk, that is for sure. And we also know he was on a side in a war against Blonic, Bluckles and maybe Blails. He is also the monster responsible for killing Bluckles' entire family. It's possible he as another alias as "Sloptor O' Slopnik".

Friends and Enemies

Everyone is his enemy because he is a jerk.


  • Unlike Blonic and friends, Dr Eggman is not his original character, at least not yet.