Blonic.exe is a totaly original creepypasta, which is commonly confused with Sonic.exe (Which is totaly unoriginal).

Blonic.exe looks almost identical to Blonic, except from the fact that his eyes are pitch black, with blood flooding out it's totaly original sockets.

The creepypasta is a tale about some sort of demonic Blonic traveling around the Blonic universe killing his once original friends Blails and Bluckles. He later then kills Eggmad, because he is a jerk.

Blonic.exe's catchphrase is "I AM AN ORIGINAL GOD."

It begins when Blom gets a mysterious message from his best friend, Blyle, while he was playing Blonic Unleashed, because he is a fan of the original character.


This creepy disk is not a normal creepy is an ORIGINAL HAUNTED creepy disk!!! Please throw it away. I'm going to die now. Bye!!! :)


Blom then played the game. It was one of his favorite game, Blonic the Original Character. He started the game, but for a split second, he saw a MS Paint picture of Blonic with black eyes with red pupals and blood coming out of the sockets. He then saw a save selection screen like another one of his favorite games, Blonic 3 and Bluckles. He could play as three characters; Blails, Bluckles, and Eggmad. He started off as Bails. Blails was walking through the field, and he then saw Blonic. Blonic then turned around and he had those black, beeding eyes. He then unexplicadly inflated...again!!! Tails then said, "How embarrasing!" I was then put into the Original Island Zone Act Original where it was on fire by ORIGINAL FIRE!!! Blails was then killed by Blonic and Blonic then sayed, "WOW!!! HOW ORIGINAL!!!" Blails then died. Blom then played as Bluckles the Original Enchilada. He was teleported in Original Evil Place Zone Act Original with the most original soundtrack ever; BLYGAS FROM BLEARTHBOUND!!!