Screencap of Blonic from the video "Blonic 2"

"I'm my original character, "Blonic.""
— Blonic

Not to be confused with Sonic. Seriously.

Blonic is the main character of the Blonic video series. He is a human-hedgehog hybrid, and totally not a rip off of Sonic the Hedgehog...People really need to get their facts straight!

Traits and Backstory

Blonic shouts almost every sentence he speaks. Sometimes he inexplicably inflates (which causes a lot of embarrasment). As of yet, nothing is known of Blonic's past, except that he exists. Blonic's series has made him an instant internet celebrity; several video responses to the original short have been uploaded on YouTube (or, as Blonic might say, "BlouTube") He also doesn't like chilly dogs, unlike someone completely different.

Friends and Enemies

His friends include Blails and Bluckles. He also happens to know Blamy, who may or may not be his girlfriend (it's hard to tell sometimes). His Arch-Nemesis is Dr. Eggman, who's a big fat jerk...Well, Robotnik's enough of a jerk for Blonic to round up the Bloop Troops to fight him.


  • Blonic made a cameo appearance with Blails in Ukinojoe's "Youtube Commenters 2"; in this video, he sits by his computer shouting "HOW ORIGINAL!", characterizing one of the typical comments Joe gets on his Youtube videos.
  • It is rumored that Blonic's fur tastes like Blue Raspberry bubble gum.
  • Nobody knows who is inside the Blonic costume, and nobody cares.